Welcome back to our blog series on event videography! In our first blog, we talked about some of the many ways in which your event can benefit from hiring an event videographer. In today’s edition, our video production services team at Beyond The Porch Media will dive into some of the greatest events to work with a videographer. With an event videographer, your memories will be captured in the most memorable way imaginable, providing you an opportunity to relive the event again and again. Check out our portfolio, and get started with BTP Media for event videography and so much more!


Hiring a photographer has been the fad for quite some time, but this is a fad that’s needed to make some room in recent years. There’s a growing demand for event videographers to capture the big day in the best way, and for good reason, too. A well-done, artful and smooth video production brings the many moments—both big and small—together in a cohesive manner that reflects the event in a beautiful way. This is something you can watch again every year on your anniversary, or watch on a random Tuesday when you’re feeling nostalgic. This will demonstrate and encapsulate the emotions and memories in a way that photos alone simply cannot.

Event videography for a wedding is also a great wedding present to offer to the happy couple. They will absolutely love getting to remember their special day in a personalized film created just for them.

Anniversary Parties

Couples that last 20, 30, 40, and even 50+ years have really created and worked for something special. They’ve built something that’s withstood the tests of time, and deserve to be cherished and celebrated for their beautiful commitment to each other. Hosting an anniversary party is always exciting and fun, but when you finally get a chance to get everyone together, you should absolutely go all out. Besides, the celebrating couple will love this as a gift, and would absolutely enjoy getting to relive some of these moments from their special day after the party ends.

When you think about it, anniversaries are, in many ways, even more special than the wedding itself. It’s one thing to stand at the altar and profess your love and your vows, it’s another thing to uphold that commitment for decades to come. Make this celebration one to truly remember with an event video production—and then also remember for the years to come.

Family Reunions

Family reunions are an extraordinarily special time to commemorate with event videography. As everyone gets older and time passes, it gets more and more challenging to get together with family. Years, and sometimes even decades can pass before we get to see our family, which is all the more reason to preserve these rare moments in a video that can live on. Truth is, there will be years in the future when our loved ones will sadly no longer be with us. Their memories can prevail when we have a video to document the time spent together.

Company Parties

The value for hiring an event videographer at a company party practically knows no bounds. For starters, this is a great thing for your employees to look back upon and remember. A company party video can be an excellent morale booster, as well as a way to promote unity and community across your business.

Additionally, utilizing video production services for a company party means you’ll have a video that you can promote in other ways as well. When you’re looking to hire, or traveling to job fairs, you’ll have a thrilling video that can show potential recruits the incredible culture you’ve built at your company. Event videography is a great way to capture the night, as well as showcase the amazing aspects of working at your establishment.

Charity Events

Beyond The Porch Media has worked (and loved working) with charities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles, and we see the benefits firsthand of bringing event videography into your charity function. Your charity runs on building relationships and forming financial partnerships with people, and you have to campaign for this to happen. Without the monetary sponsorship of others, your charity is unable to perform the essential work that you do.

When you host a charity event, this is an exceptional opportunity to showcase your work, in action—but this can’t be showcased without a video production to document it all. With the expertise of event videographers, you’re able to not only document the event, but video footage will be constructed and finished in a way that moves the viewer. The best angles, the right transitions, the perfect music—all of these things will combine in a professional way that creates an emotional response for those watching. This in turn creates the necessary appeal to encourage supporting your charity.

Music Shows

Every great band or musician has a great videography crew at their side. Hiring video production services to document your shows are an essential step in growing your band’s awareness and popularity. Your music is incredible, but you need an effective way to show it—and not only the music itself, but the experience of your band as a whole.

Whether you’re going for an intimate acoustic session at a small and virtually unknown venue, or a last-minute surprise backyard show, our video production services can capture the exact mood that you’re looking for. The end result is an outstanding video that can be used to promote your band and build your fan base.

There are countless other events that would benefit from event videography, for an equally vast amount of reasons. Event videography is a way to not only encase and hold memories, but to also bring them back to life. Plus, it’s a way to demonstrate the feel and vibe of your event, and your story overall. From company parties to music shows, to weddings and everything in between, you can trust the video production services from BTP Media to do so much more than simply cover your event. We’ll create a work of art that will withstand the tests and boundaries of time. Get started with our team today!