Beyond the Porch Productions is excited to officially announce the addition of Mike Britton to the BTP Media video production company! Mike joins BTP Media as the new Executive Vice President, bringing with him decades of innovation and video production experience.

After nearly 10 years of creating, developing and managing the scalable video production program for the Texas-based company, Invodo, Inc., Mike returns to California to lead BTP Media’s e-commerce division on its path to becoming an industry leader in scalable video production.

With corporate offices in downtown Los Angeles, remote offices in greater Palm Springs and West Coast studio locations specifically designed for large scale commercial productions, BTP Media is poised to be the most nimble, skillful, cost effective and responsive video partner in the industry under Mike’s leadership.

Mike’s first initiative is to develop large scale video programs for Retailers and Manufacturers helping them to achieve maximum return for their marketing investment while reducing their financial exposure from unnecessary product returns.

Through a combination of process, technology and years of hands-on experience, along with the creative talents and resources of Beyond the Porch Productions, our clients should expect an even higher level of productivity, profitability and quality for their video productions – on time, on budget and anywhere in the world.

If you’re a large retailer or manufacturer and need online video to help sell, promote or explain your products, contact Mike at for a free consultation. You can also contact our video production company by filling out our contact form, and we will get back to you in no time.

Also follow Mike on LinkedIn for a series of white papers that will help guide you through the high-volume video process – such as Determining the Exact Type of Video You Need, Setting Goals for Video Performance, What Type of ROI Should I Expect, Choosing In-House or External Production, Minimizing Product Returns and many more.