We watch videos practically every day, if not multiple times throughout the day. A casual mid-week Netflix binge, those hilarious cat videos your coworker sent you, the latest NBA match-up—there’s no limit to the motives and manners in which we watch videos. Not to mention, smartphones and tablets and laptops are just some of the many devices that grant us access to the world of moving pictures. Yet despite all these ways in which we watch our favorite shows and food videography, there’s one thing that we all can relate to—video is ingrained into our culture.

But can the same be said for other areas of life, past the realms of societal enjoyment and social media? Can businesses and, more specifically, hotels and resorts benefit from videos and video marketing as well? Should you get a hotel video production for your establishment? We’ll find out in today’s blog! (Spoiler alert: Yes)

Video shows what pictures cannot.

Of course, there are so many examples of photos that tell an incredible story. But unless you have the ghost of Ansel Adams or a National Geographic photographer on deck, it might be a bit more challenging to really showcase the feel and the story of your hotel. Not to mention, pictures alone show a very one-dimensional look at the features of your establishment.

If you were researching a hotel to stay at, would you rather only have pictures to reference, or have access to video footage of the resort? Considering that, as mentioned in a past blog post, video already takes up 64 percent of all internet traffic, it kind of goes without saying that people really appreciate video. Your hotel video production is giving people what they want, and more specifically, what your potential guests want—a more defined look at your hotel.

Video is easy to access (and more user-friendly).

Anyone who has looked into finding a hotel knows what it’s like to scroll through picture after picture. These photos, often of the hotel grounds and rooms in general, are often thought to suffice, but that’s not always the case. Photos can be blurry, take awhile to load, get stuck as the user tries to toggle from one to the next, and ultimately, are somewhat time-consuming. With a hotel video production, this is a one-click experience that is easily accessible, can be played on multiple domains, and requires very little of the consumer. Instead of focusing on getting the next picture to load, potential guests can focus on imagining themselves poolside in one of your luxurious cabanas.

Video keeps up with digital marketing.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll gladly say it again—when it comes to your online marketing strategy, video is a must. In an article from Search Engine Land, they explain how by 2019, 80 percent of all internet traffic is predicted to come from video. It might seem costly up front, but you simply can’t afford to not have video in this era of marketing. The great thing is that a one-time cost for video is just that; after the initial payment, you have a marketing strategy that can continue to be utilized. Considering four-fifths of the internet is soon to be comprised of video, this is beyond a worthwhile investment.

Why Beyond The Porch Media?

You need to stay with the trends, but you also need to stand out—why should you work with BTP Media for your next hotel video production?

Drone Videography

Our resort and hotel video productions really thrive when we utilize drone videography, which means your resort video will as well. The dramatic vistas can be entirely enhanced with drone videography, in ways that simply can’t be matched through photography. We have the tools and talents to showcase your hotel or resort in a stunning, artistic way. Take a look at some of the drone videography we’ve done for hotel video productions in the past:

Superior Storytelling

With original films and a vast portfolio that covers a variety of video productions, our videography team specializes in telling stories. Your hotel video production won’t consist of novice camera angles or low-budget technology—it will have the professional and polished quality your hotel deserves. Our team has the equipment and the skill to bring your hotel to life, while still being accessible on a screen.

Expert Experience

Our clients have included Carmelo Anthony, Big Brothers Big Sisters of LA, and countless restaurants, athletes, and actors, to name a few. Working with BTP Media means you are working with a Top Rated National® video production company, which ensures hotel video productions you can count on for being stellar.

Your hotel needs video to stay on top, and the best way to the top is to work with a company who’s already there. Contact BTP Media to get hotel video productions that go above and Beyond.