Or At Least They Shouldn’t Be

By Mike Britton, Executive Vice President – BTP Media

When I started producing e-commerce product videos 10 years ago, the question most asked by a retailer or manufacturer was, “Why do I need a product video on my website?” A decade later, that’s not even remotely an issue — if you sell or manufacture a product you know that you need as many videos on your website as possible.

But what style of video should you produce?  What do you need to know to make the best decision? One thing for sure, choosing wisely is crucial to a successful video program and to your success as an e-commerce marketer.

Today I’m going to share with you my method for determining what style of video works best to accomplish a specific goal. This can help you figure out the best type of product videography to utilize.

I developed this approach from an analysis of thousands of videos that I’ve produced for hundreds of companies. It’s a simple formula but I’ve found it to be quite useful. If you’re the person in charge of video marketing for your company, I hope this provides you with some insight to help you get the best return for your investment.

Here’s how it works. First, rate the following statements with a 0 or 1  – 0 = NO, and 1 = YES.

Then add up the numbers.

0 = NO   1 = YES
1. Selling my Product is more important than selling my Brand.
2. ROI is more important than aesthetics.
3. To sell my Product it needs to be explained.
4. My Product has a high return rate and I want to reduce returns.
5. My Product has a large number of features.
6. My Product’s benefits are more important than its appearance.
7. My company’s Brand Message doesn’t always need to be present.
8. A detailed demonstration of my Product always helps sell it.

Second, using the total from above, refer to the following table and determine which style attributes you should consider for
your videos.

Video Attributes 0-2 3-5 6-8
Lifestyle/Aspirational Style X
Brand Oriented Message X
Location or Detailed Set X
10 to 30 Second Length X
Highly Stylized with Motivational Actors X
Very Little Dialogue X
Small Video Volume (1 -10 products) X
Branded/Informational Style X
Benefit Oriented Message X
Location or Functional Set X
No More than 45 Second Length X
Branded Elements with Utility Actors for Demo X
Scripted with On-Screen Talent or Voiceover X
Medium Video Volume (1 – 100 products) X
Product Feature & Benefit Style X
Feature Oriented Message Highlighting Benefits X
Simple, Plain Background X
15 to 60 Second Length X
Product Focused with Hand Model for Demo X
Scripted Voiceover with Text Overlays X
Large Video Volume (1 – 1000+ products) X

What style of video did you determine is right for your product? Is it what you had previously thought or what you’re currently producing? If not, you might want to reconsider your video program, and find a product videography company that can best meet your needs.

Of course, some of these attributes might not be suitable for your exact product, however this method should at least get most of you into the ballpark.

So now that you know what style of video to produce, the next question is how much should that video cost and what type of ROI can you expect? For those answers stay tuned for my next blog or feel free to contact me at mike@beyondtheporch.com for a free consultation. You can also fill out our contact form to hear back from our product videography team.

Also, if you would like a complimentary analysis of your specific product line or video program, contact me as well. I’d be happy to see where your brand and product is at, and provide you with some feedback.

Until next time….