You have a beautiful resort. You know this, the guests that come your way know this, and quite frankly, it’s something you’re proud of. Yet it can feel challenging to keep new guests coming, and the regulars coming back. The off season, bad weather, a lack of local events—there’s any number of reasons why you might be struggling to keep the “no” flashing in the vacancy sign.

The marketing trends may be on the path of constant evolution, but Beyond The Porch Media offers ways to stay connected. Learn more about some of the great marketing strategies from Beyond The Porch Media, and contact our videography and video production team to get started.

Find a way to stand out…

While a perfect on-site beach location or a deluxe Belgian waffle bar might be your first choice in standing out, it might not always be attainable. One of the first steps to marketing, however, is to highlight something to market. Whether you’re confident in an existing, unique feature at your hotel, or come across an opportunity for something greater, take advantage of whatever it is that helps you stand out. Most affordable prices in town? Connections to nearby businesses? A beautiful pool with a kid’s waterslide? A personal chef making omelets over a fire each morning? Whatever your “way” is, make a point to to find the part(s) of your hotel or resort that are special.

…and market it!

When a team wins the World Series or an artist drops a new album, do they just silently celebrate and leave it at that? Of course not! You need to hone in on the amazing parts of your resort and make it known that your establishment is where everyone needs to go. There’s a time to be humble, and there’s a time to play to your strengths—bringing people to your business is the way you keep your hotel running, which means an aggressive marketing strategy is crucial. This can be tough to do alone, which makes our next step especially relevant.

Build an online marketing presence.

Especially when your business relies on having tourists and visitors from around the country and world, you can’t stay in the past when it comes to marketing. Billboards and flyers are not the way to get your hotel recognized and known. Things are shared and retweeted nonstop, and your hotel needs to be a part of this media form with an online marketing presence.

Having a website is a good start, but a website alone—without any promotion, SEO work, or maintenance—is the equivalent of having a Porsche without an engine. It looks great, but it can’t go anywhere (nor drive traffic). Get a YouTube channel going, have a marketing team or specialist, and produce content that’s not only high in volume and consistency, but high quality.

Work with the best.

Pictures simply don’t do your hotel justice—as we talked about in a past blog, video is one of the fastest growing markets around. With over half of all internet traffic coming from video, it only makes sense that your hotel video production is the way to keep up with the crowd. You need a resort or hotel video production done by the best to hype up and truly showcase the beauty of your establishment. With our team of videographers and drone videography services, BTP Media is the video production company you need.

In a future blog, we’ll dive further into why BTP Media can help bring your resort to the top with our hotel video production services. Meanwhile, check out our portfolio and watch our video samples below to see what we can do for your hotel!