Beyond The Porch Media was created with a desire to tell stories. We feel incredibly impassioned to bring stories to life, and to showcase the stories that are all around us. In the past, your personal methods of storytelling might have occurred in a number of ways. You might have created a hashtag or a Snapchat filter to commemorate the event. Maybe you took a bunch of pictures that were later filtered and uploaded to social media. These are all ways to try to document the event, but each of these methods on their own are, to be put quite simply, a bit one-sided. Because when it comes to documenting events, there’s something that video can do, which photos simply cannot.

Event videography is one of the best ways for you to truly celebrate and remember the occasion, and can be used in a number of manners. In this two-part blog series, we’ll discuss why event videography is a highly preferable way to capture the event. Our second blog will cover the types of moments and events that would benefit from event videography. Stay tuned to learn more about the growing popularity of event videography, and contact BTP Media for your next event!

Benefits of Event Videography

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, video is growing at an extremely rapid pace (and will only continue to do so). Video has taken over the Internet in a very strong and profound way, and event videography is another facet of this overall presence. But why should you choose event videography? What are some advantages of using video to highlight and document your event?

It gives a more holistic recap of an event.

This is likely one of the greatest reasons people rely upon event videography. Whether for a wedding or for a gala, this is an excellent way to capture the event. With video, you’ll hear people laughing and the songs that played while everyone started dancing. You’ll watch the smiles that light up rooms and the range of emotions pour out from guests. All of these things are portrayed in a manner that takes you back to the event itself, instead of having to rely on your own thoughts and memories to do the job.

Going a bit further into that last point, video shows you things that maybe you (or other guests) missed. You don’t have to groan at missing your uncles doing the worm while you were in the bathroom—instead, you’ll have that video to reference and bring out again and again. And speaking of having a video to reference…

It’s a user-friendly way to relive the event.

Photos are great, but sometimes a bit challenging to keep track of. Even if we’ve evolved past those blissfully nostalgic photo albums, online albums are still sometimes just as clunky. When everyone’s pictures are online, you have to sort through your photos, your friends’ photos, and your family’s photos to try to relive the moment. In some instances, an event that worked with a professional photographer will often have an easier link to access, but this still sometimes requires jumping through several hoops to access everything.

With event videography, this can be uploaded to YouTube (if you so choose), or load and play in one specific place. This means no jumping from link to link and site to site, but rather having everything load and begin in one screen.

The themes and proper moods are portrayed better.

Weddings, we think of the happiest of memories. Charity events, we think of community and unity, and coming together for a specific purpose—with a sense of somber need mixed with hope. Galas, we think of celebration and glitz and glamour. No matter the type of event, there’s a certain mood that, when portrayed, contributes to a much stronger feel and links to much stronger memories.

The music that’s decided upon, the lenses and shots taken—all of these are things that your event videographer takes into consideration, and they all contribute to you having an exceptional short film that best portrays your event. This not only works well for you reliving the moments time and again, but it also works for any promotional video needs that you might have. The end result of a well-executed event videography is a video that can be posted to social media and marketed to spread further awareness to your cause or business as a whole.

Videos can serve as great marketing tools.

Of course, it practically goes without saying that event videography for a wedding or anniversary party is a great gift, and a great way to commemorate the day. Yet getting an event video designed to promote your business, charity, or product launch can be a stellar way to spread awareness—and generate new revenue. As we’ve mentioned before, 87 percent of online marketing content is video—thus showing how imperative it is for your company to keep up.

However, it can’t be just any video. Your event video needs to promote in an incredible fashion, and stand out in a mesmerizing and captivating way, and this is where Beyond The Porch Media comes in.

The stylism and artistry are unparalleled.

In order for all these things to happen, in order for your video to be a complete standout that can encapsulate the emotion, feel, and moments that made your event incredible, you need a professional team who can produce the type of event video you need and deserve. When you work with BTP Media, you’re getting not just a video that documents it all—you’re getting a work of art. Watching our event videos is a perfect way for you to get a sense of the work we do, and an equally perfect way for you to see how we can help tell your story.

Those photo albums will always be cherished. The Instagram post that received 48 likes can be looked back at fondly, just as going through your phone can remind you of some amazing times. But ultimately, these are mere snippets to your story, and you deserve more. Contact BTP Media for event videography that goes far above and Beyond.