It might be a bold statement, but the days of the photograph are dying off. There are of course massive merits to photos, but in this era, video is the way to go. And this trend is hardly anything new—back in 1979, the first music video for premiered on MTV; The Buggles’ aptly-named hit “Video Killed the Radio Star” was wonderfully foreshadowing for the changes to come. Even in the days when the television was popularized, culture itself shifted. This has only continued to be the case, and in the world of marketing, video trends are expanding at rapidly increasing rates.

Examining these trends is critical to staying at the cutting edge of business ventures. Learn how to utilize video in your marketing strategies, and contact BTP Media to get the best in product videography, promotional videos, and so much more. See what our company videos can do for you at our portfolio, and follow our YouTube channel for up-to-date access to our work.

Video content is growing faster than ever.

The times before the Internet are somewhat hard to imagine, and for many people, they’ve never lived in an Internet-free world. But when the world wide web ceased to exist, there was virtually only one platform for video content to exist: through the television. Nowadays, we know that countless platforms exist, and that’s just on the web itself. Because of this, the rate at which video content is created and uploaded is staggering—an article by WordStream states that “More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years.”

The older days of advertising between episodes of “E.R.” just can’t keep up with the ease of access that comes with uploading and creating video content. The way to stay current with this as a trend is to create new company videos that don’t only reach many people, but are high quality marketing and promotional videos as a whole.

Stay with the market to keep up with the market.

Considering 87 percent of marketing done online utilizes video content, this is a huge example of the importance of keeping up with your competitors. Thinking about this statistic is slightly hard to grasp at first. But in some ways, this can be interpreted as almost all marketing that’s done online uses and promotes videos. True to form, you’re going to need to follow the trends with your own company videos and product videography. In order to stay with the tide, you’ve gotta be able to swim. If you really want to make waves, however, then you need company videos that are going to stand out. Working with our video production company is a way to make that happen.

Your target demographic needs video content.

The millennial generation is often thought of as those in the 25-34 age group, and watch the most videos online. If your target audience is this age range, then you already know the importance of having the best product videography to reach your clientele. If you think this is pointless, that your target audience is outside this range and can’t be reached through videos, you would be wrong. For starters, the millennial generation reflects how marketing is going to look in the future—they won’t always be 25-34, but they will carry this video and marketing expertise with them as they age. Secondly, 85 percent of the internet audience in the US watches online videos. Once again we see this number of nearly 100 percent of people in the US who use the internet watch videos on the web. It is essential to reach your audience, and quality company videos have grown to the point of necessity.

Marketing professionals recommend utilizing quality videos.

In the same report from WordStream, they mention how “51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.” If over half of marketing professionals state that video not only is a marketing strategy, but one that provides the best ROI, it’s pretty clear that your promotional videos and product videography are a requirement for your business to continue to grow. Additionally, companies whose marketing strategy utilizes video experience a growth revenue that is 49 percent faster than their non-video-using counterparts. Back to the sink-swim-make waves example—where would you rather be?

Video is overtaking everything else online.

An article from Search Engine Land states that “Video already makes up 64 percent of all internet traffic, according to Cisco’s 2014 Visual Networking Index, and it’s forecast to grow to 80 percent of all traffic by 2019.” There’s no denying it—videos already take up the majority of internet traffic, and promise to only continue growing. Your company videos and product videography simply need to be created by the best videographers out there, otherwise your marketing strategy is going to leave you and your business in the dust.

The changes in marketing and video might seem overwhelming, but these are exciting times, and your brand is absolutely capable of keeping up. In a future blog, we’ll look at some of the ways you can keep up with these marketing trends. In the meantime, it’s beyond important to know why our product videography and company videos are exactly what you need. And considering you need videos that go above and beyond, it only makes sense that you need Beyond the Porch Media. View one of our promotional videos below, and contact us to get started.