So you’ve gone and hired commercial video production services (hopefully, it was us). You have an incredible video made. The sound quality is impeccable. The lighting and timing, immaculate. The storytelling aspects are amazing. The video looks outstanding, but now the question remains: what do you do with it?

The immediate answer is that with a branded content video production, the possibilities are practically endless. The longer answer is something that we’re happy to dive into! Take a look at what you can use your branded content video for, and work with BTP Media to get the best in videography skills that can help your business grow.

Optimize Your GMB Listing

Are you a small and/or local business? Do you specifically work with and/or serve people in a set location (versus a store that ships products around the world)? If so, you should have a Google My Business listing. Adding video to your GMB listing helps enrich the overall quality, and makes it stand out to people who are searching for what your business can offer. Instead of visiting your site, web users can learn about your business right on Google.

A common theme you’ll see our branded content video production services talk about in this blog is keeping viewers engaged. A video is something that stands out in a GMB listing, and it can intrigue visitors to find out more about your company — this sets you up for an opportunity to sell yourself.

Grow Your YouTube Channel

Stats show that out of everyone who uses the internet, 60 percent visit YouTube at least once a week. This makes it one of the most popular sites of all — and a very good opportunity for your brand to represent itself with a video. Having an established YouTube channel is another great way to cover your bases, and to make your business more well-known.

Boost Your Site

A branded content video production on your company’s website has plenty of benefits. To start, it’s a way to (once again) better explain what your company does in a way that’s more engaging than text alone. It can keep people on your site longer, which can increase the chance that they contact you for your services. But there’s another perk — video increases your site’s SEO. Search engines like Google recognize video as a rich form of media and can improve your site’s organic rankings. The closer your website is to the top of Google, the more likely people will reach out to your business.

Share on Social Media

Your business’ Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can all share your branded content video production! This is a great way to engage with followers and to spread more brand awareness. In addition to sharing as a social media post, you can also…

Use Video for Advertising

Ads that are run on social media platforms (such as Facebook) reach tons of people every single day. Whether you work with a marketing company or are running your own ads, you can implement a branded content video production in your advertising.

Having the right video can be monumental in helping bring awareness to your brand, boosting your online presence, and keeping people engaged with your site. You’ll have some work cut out for you in making this happen, but the good news is that our commercial video production services at BTP Media have the toughest part covered. We’d be honored to help your company get the video you’re looking for — not only because we know we can provide top-notch video editing and storytelling skills, but also because we know our video can make a difference in your business. Get a free quote from us today to get started.