In the past, we’ve touched on different marketing tips for business owners to help them succeed and grow their brand. Growing a brand is essential to getting your name out there and making yourself known, and video is one of the best ways to do this. Take a look at why your business needs video, and work with BTP Media for the best in branded content video production.

Videos Are a Necessary Marketing Tool

Once you have a branded content video production created, you have a product that can speak for your business in so many forms of media. Embedding video on your website, using it for paid ads, running it on social media platforms, having a YouTube channel — all of these possibilities and more speak to the sheer versatility of having a branded content video production.

Online Videos Are the New Advertising

As we’ve mentioned from a previous WordStream article, more videos are being uploaded online in a month than what television networks have created in the past 30 years. You need content that’s easily shareable and can exist on a number of web platforms in order to truly advertise your branded content.

Not to mention, with streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, people are simply not watching ads and commercials on TV as much as they once did — and people certainly aren’t reading through ads in print, either. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat — these are the social media platforms where people are encountering ads. With a branded content video production, your brand won’t automatically be skipped over when it comes to advertising. You’ll have a video production that can make brand awareness and advertising much more possible.

Videos Explain Your Product or Business

Videos are a great opportunity to demonstrate what your business is doing. Whether you’ve launched a new product or you’re explaining what your business does, videos make your message much clearer. If people don’t understand your product/business and aren’t enticed by it, they’re not going to invest in it — videos provide some much-needed clarity.

Not only do videos explain your product or business function, they can also be a great tool to explain your vision. Potential customers are drawn to great storytelling, and a video can provide the emotive piece your marketing strategy needs. Watching this video for Delicious Pizza, viewers feel more intrigue in checking out the pizza restaurant because they’re being provided with more context.

Videos Improve SEO Value

A term that perks up the ears of every marketing-savvy person, videos are a great way to boost organic rankings. Having a good website with great SEO is almost like free marketing — by having great content, images, and relevant videos on your site, you have a better chance of rising through the ranks of Google search results pages. The closer your business is to the top, the better chance you have of people visiting your site.

As reported by Search Engine Land,

“The presence of video itself affects the most important SEO ranking factor: content. Video is evidence of quality content, and as part of a media mix on a site, it helps send signals to search engines that your page or site contains rich media relevant to search requests. It is expected that search engines will continue to increase the ranking factor of including video as consumers demand video in search results. So having video on your site will boost page rank.”

Work With BTP Media for Incredible Video Content

With a branded content video production, you have the potential to spread your message and mission to the masses, helping grow your business. But you can’t just have any video to do well. You need a production that reflects your company, not to mention a high-quality, sensational, and visually-appealing video that makes people want to watch and learn more. For all of these reasons, you need BTP Media. Our passionate and expert video team have the visual storytelling skills needed to take your business to the next level.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Visit our branded content video production page, and see why companies like Rimmel London, Bloomingdale’s, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and so many others have relied on our videographer services. When you’re ready to get started, we’ll be more than excited to work with you. Contact us today for a quote.